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Topaz Label Feeder

Applied to : those Topaz SMT machines using CL, FV feeders such as Topaz, Topaz X, Topaz XII and so on.

Topaz Label Feeder

Topaz label feeder into Topaz SMT machine:

We have three Liner(web) width for Topaz label feeder, 50mm, 85mm and 100mm, also we can make customized Liner Width as your request, so our label feeder can peel and present more than 2 lables at one time, so it is more efficient and productive.

Specs :

Specification Minimum  Maximum
Media Size 2 mm x 2 mm

31 mm to customized one * 50 mm,

31 mm to customized one * 85mm ,

31 mm to customized one * 100mm

Media Thickness 0.05 1
Liner Width  1




customized one

Liner Thickness  0.05 1
Feed Rate  0 mm / sec  95 mm / sec


We also supply you Cutomized nozzle for Topaz .label feeder , send us your datasheet for labels or samples we can design and manufacture the special nozzles for you :

Topaz nozzle for label feeder

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