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i-Pulse Label Feeder

Our i-Pulse Label Feeder can use your existing i-Pulse SMT pick and placement equipments to place labels, such as M10,M20 and so on.

Our i-Pulse Label Feeder approach is faster and more accurate than hand placement: Labels are placed at the normal machine rate and as accurately as normal components. The result is a far more cost effective solution to board marking. Also maintenance costs is very low.

An in-line label applicators is very expensive and requires additional floor space, Laser marking is another option and while this does facilitate realtime data marking it comes with compounded cost penalties and is not suitable for all applications. Our i-Pulse Label Feeder fits easily onto existing placement machines and presents the labels to the pick-and-place machine as if they were just another component, what you need to do is just to add a vision file for the label as a leadless chip component and your work is done! No special programming or training is required. So our i-Pulse Label Feeder approach can save time , money and floor space.


i-Pulse Label Feeder

Applied to : those i-Pulse SMT machines using F3 feeders such as M10,M20 and so on.

ipulse f3 feeder 8mm KLK-MC100-000


i-Pulse Label Feeder
i-Pulse Label Feeder
i-Pulse Label Feeder


i-Pulse Label Feeder

Applied to : those i-Pulse SMT machines using F1 , F2 feeders such as M1 , M4, M2 , M6ex, M7, M8 and so on


ipulse f1 feeder 8-2mm LG4-M1A00-030
ipulse f2 feeder 12mm LG4-M4A00-120
i-Pulse Label Feeder
i-Pulse Label Feeder
i-Pulse Label Feeder
i-Pulse 标签飞达 , 天龙标签飞达


We have three Liner(web) width for i-Pulse label feeder, 50mm, 85mm and 100mm, also we can make customized Liner Width as your request, so our label feeder can peel and present more than 2 lables at one time, so it is more efficient and productive.


Specs :

Specification Minimum  Maximum
Media Size 2 mm x 2 mm

31 mm to customized one * 50 mm,

31 mm to customized one * 85mm ,

31 mm to customized one * 100mm

Media Thickness 0.05 1
Liner Width  1




customized one

Liner Thickness  0.05 1
Feed Rate  0 mm / sec  95 mm / sec


Labels or other adhesive backed media :

Our i-Pulse Label Feeder is extremely versatile, it can also be adapted to present a wide assortment of adhesive backed products : distance pads, shields, thermal conduction pads, Kapton dots, special masks, metal sheets with thickness more than 1mm or similar special parts. In one row applied onto a liner it is possible to feed these parts automatically in the pick and place system with a label feeder. In one row more than 2 labels can be feed thus our i-Pulse Label Feeder is more efficient.


Customized Nozzles For Label Feeder

We also supply you Cutomized nozzle for i-Pulse Label Feeder , send us your datasheet for labels or samples we can design and manufacture the special nozzles for you :

ipulse nozzle for label feeder

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